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2 12 th INTERNATIONAL NOTES-WIDER-BARCELONA DIRECTORS José Ramón Armengol-Miró, Manuel Armengol Carrasco, Antonio José Torres García and Joan Dot Bach COORDINATORS Jorge Olsina, Joaquim Balcells, Monder Abu Suboh Abadia and Jordi Armengol Bertrolí COORDINATORS Miquel Masachs Perecaula, Ana Benages and Mª. Dolores Castillo Cejas DESCRIPTION The 12 th International NOTES-WIDER-Barcelona course has a two days program. It has a double activity stream. One theoretical composed of conferences about hot topics relating NOTES, and a practical one, performed by a team made of the organising staff and guest professors in two experimental surgery rooms, located in the ground floor of the Institut de Recerca of the Hospital Universitari Vall d Hebron, including video broadcasting to the Auditorium of the Teaching Pavilion of the Hospital Universitari Vall d Hebron. The course is approved by the Vall d Hebron Hospital CEEA (Animal experimentation ethical committee). Created on Jan , CEEA was created to look after the health of experimentation animals. Its functions are, amongst others: To inform about experiments, remove the unnecessary suffering and provide humanitarian euthanasia, and guarantee that all the legal and ethical norms relate to experimentation with animals are being followed. Realized with the support and strength of the WIDER-Barcelona, Hospital Universitari Vall d Hebron (Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona), Institut de Recerca of the Hospital Universitari Vall d Hebron and OLYMPUS EUROPA SE & CO and the collaboration of the Obra Social de la Fundación la Caixa. The course is aimed at gastroenterologists, clinical endoscopists and surgeons who feel curious and interested in the benefits that CETON (Natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery) and therapeutic interventionist techniques related to it (TETON), represent for the immediate future. Transmission of cases from the rooms of the Institute de Recerca and Digestive Endoscopy Service of H.U.V.H. with interactive discussion with the auditorium of the Educational Pavilion H.U.V.H. between the Teams of the Chambers and Panel Discussion. Demonstrations of anesthesia techniques, intubation. Anastomosis, transgastric Cholecystectomy, transvaginal, pancreatectomy, appendectomy and techniques for orifice closing. ERCP and support echoendoscopy and therapeutic. Mediastinum access, POEM, LECS, etc.

3 J. R. Armengol-Miró M. Armengol Carrasco A. J. Torres García J. Dot Bach OBJETIVES Understand and assess the possibilities, technical limitations and instrumental of NOTES today. Become familiar with the instrumental and learning in the Animal Laboratory. Assess the technical difficulties in developing different applications. Learn and understand the anatomical variants during live broadcasts. Understanding the possible selection of candidates in the future. Understand the different ways of approach transluminal. Understand and evaluate the different possibilities of combined procedures. Review the various possibilities of application in Ethics Committees of each center. SPONSORED BY SOCIETAT CATALANA MÉDICO-QUIRÚRGICA DE ENDOSCOPIA DIGESTIVA FUNDACIÓN ESPAÑOLA DE ENDOSCOPIA DIGESTIVA SOCIEDAD ESPAÑOLA MÉDICO-QUIRÚRGICA DE ENDOSCOPIA DIGESTIVA WIDER-Barcelona (WORLD INSTITUTE FOR DIGESTIVE ENDOSCOPY RESEARCH) Teaching activity accredited by the Consell Català de Formació Continuada de les Professions Sanitàries (2017) with 3,0 credits. Non-regulated and non-formal education organized by the Hospital Universitari Vall d'hebron.

4 12 th INTERNATIONAL NOTES-WIDER-BARCELONA INVITED SPEAKERS Abu Suboh, Monder (Spain) Al Haddad, Mohamad (USA) Alonso Maillo, Germán (Spain) Armengol Bertrolí, Jordi (Spain) Armengol Carrasco, Manuel (Spain) Armengol Miró, José Ramón (Spain) Arroyo Vázquez, Jorge (Sweden) Baena, José Antonio (Spain) Balibrea, J. M. (Spain) Balsells, Joaquín (Spain) Bapaye, Amol (India) Baptista, Alberto (Venezuela) Benages, Ana (Spain) Bergström, Maria (Sweden) Bing-Rong Liu (P.R. China) Boix Valverde, Jaume (Spain) Boqué Genovard, Ramón (Spain) Brijak, Jadranka (Croatia) Bulajic, Milutin (Serbia) Cacho Acosta, Guillermo (Spain) Carilli, Senol (Turkey) Castillo Begines, Enrique (Spain) Castillo Cejas, M.ª Dolores (Spain) Castro, Sandra (Spain) Charco, Ramón (Spain) Cugat, Esteban (Spain) Dan Liu (P.R. China) De Giau, Louis (Mexico) De la Iglesia, Manuel (Spain) De la Morena Madrigal, Emilio (Spain) De, Suvranu (USA) Delgado Bellido, Daniel (Spain) Dezhi He (P.R. China) Diana, Michele (France) Ding Shihua (P.R. China) Domínguez, Guillermo (Argentina) Dong Ki Lee (S. Corea) Dong Wan Seo (S. Corea) Dot Bach, Joan (Spain) Dzhantukhanova, Seda (Russia) El-Khattabi, Mohamed (Morocco) Escourrou, Jean (France) Espín, Eloy (Spain) Espinel Díez, Jesús (Spain) Esteves, Marielle (Spain) Fernández Díez, Servando (Spain) Ferreres, Alberto R. (Argentina) Fogel, Roberto (USA/Venezuela) Fonseca, Carla (Spain) Fort, José Manuel (Spain) Frascio, Marco (Italy) Galofré, Gonzalo (Spain) Galloro, Giuseppe (Italy) Giménez, Mariano E. (Argentina) González, Oscar (Spain) Guangxing, Cui (P.R. China) Gupta, Rajesh (India) Gusev, Denis (Russia) Hani, Albis (Colombia) Horgan, Santiago (USA) Hustak, Rastilav (Check Republik) Ivantcova, Marina (Russia) Jie-Fang Guo (P.R. China) Kantsevoy, Sergey (USA) Kashin, Sergey (Russia) Kato, Motohiko (Japan) Lada, Shumkina (Russia) Landolfi, Estefanía (Spain) Laporte, Enric (Spain) Larrea, Pedro (Peru) Li Liu (P.R. China) Li, Yongqiang (P.R. China) Liang, Weimin (P.R. China) Lindado, Campo Elías (Venezuela)

5 Lingjian, Kong (P.R. China) López, Manuel (Spain) Mangiafico, Santi (Italy) Marc, Martí (Spain) Martínez Alcalá, Felipe (Spain) Martínez Alcalá García, Álvaro (Spain) Masachs, Miquel (Spain) Mei-Dong Xu (P.R. China) Menchén Fernández-Pacheco, Pedro (Spain) Montori, Alberto (Italy) Morales Gordo, Manuel (Spain) Mulet Zayas, Octavio (Spain) Muñoz Navas, Miguel (Spain) Nakajima, Kiyokazu (Japan) Naval, Javier (Spain) Noguera, José F. (Spain) Olmedo, José (Spain) Olsina Kissler, Jorge (Spain) Ortiz, Jesús (Paraguay) Panadés Arán, Agustín (Spain) Park, Per-Ola (Sweden) Paulov, Alexey (Russia) Pellicer Bautista, Francisco (Spain) Pérez Roldán, Francisco (Spain) Ping, Wang (P.R. China) Piñeiro, Eduardo (Mexico) Pou Fernández, Joan M.ª (Spain) Pradell, Jordi (Spain) Rabekova, Zuzana (Check Republik) Rocamora Serra, Juan (Spain) Rodríguez Muñoz, Sarbelio (Spain) Rodríguez Sánchez, Eduardo (Spain) Rojas, Fernando (Mexico) Rojo, Alejandro (Spain) Rongying, Cen (P.R. China) Rosal, Marta (Spain) Sabbagh, Luis Carlos (Colombia) Sáenz Coromina, Alejandro (Spain) Salord Osses, José C. (Spain) Salas, Nereo Guillermo (Mexico) Sánchez, José Luis (Spain) Segal, Eduardo (Argentina) Shunsuke Yamamoto (Japan) Spicak, Julius (Check Republik) Song Ji-Tao (P.R. China) Sosa, Leonardo (Venezuela) Starkov, Yury (Russia) Stavropoulos, Stavros (USA) Torres García, Antonio J. (Spain) Trecca, Antonello (Italy) Trías i Folch, Manuel (Spain) Tsiamoulos, Zacharias (United Kingdom) Valdovinos Andraca, Francisco (Mexico) Vallribera Valls, Francesc (Spain) Valverde, Claudia (Spain) Veloso Veloso, Enrique (Spain) Vidal, Oscar (Spain) Vila Costa, Marta (Spain) Vilallonga, Ramon (Spain) Villalobos, Rafael (Spain) Waxman, Irving (USA) Weifeng, Chen (P.R. China) Wen, Li (P.R. China) Xiang, Liu (P.R. China) Zanón Navarro, Vicente (Spain) Zhang Xiaoguang (P.R. China) Zhao Lixia (P.R. China) Zhou Ping-Hong (P.R. China) Zhining, Fan (P.R. China) Zilli, Maurizio (Italy) Zucchi, Elena (Italy)

6 12 th INTERNATIONAL NOTES-WIDER-BARCELONA SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM: Monday, November 26, 2018 Auditorium of the Teaching Pavilion HOSPITAL UNIVERSITARI VALL D HEBRON 08:30 Registration 08:45-09:00 Presentation José Ramón Armengol-Miró (Spain), Manuel Armengol Carrasco (Spain), Antonio J. Torres García (Spain), Joan Dot (Spain) and Alexey Paulov (Russia) 09:00-10:30 Session 1 - NOTES Present and future EXPERIMENTAL NOTES PRESIDENTS Manuel Armengol Carrasco (Spain), Julius Spicak (Check Republik), Marco Frascio (Italy), Liu Bing-Rong (P.R. China) and Yury Starkov (Russia) Jean Escorrou (France), Eduardo Segal (Argentina), Per Ola Park (Sweden), Zhang Xiaoguang (P.R. China), Maurizio Zilli (Italy) and Felipe Martínez Alcalá (Spain) Sutured revision of the gastric bypass pouch using the Overstitch. Per-Ola Park (Sweden) LAMS technique. Maria Bergström (Sweden) Development of a virtual reality simulator for endoscopic submucosal dissection. Suvranu De (USA) New dedicated stents for the treatment of dehiscence after sleeve gastrectomy in obese patients. Giuseppe Galloro (Italy) Endodrill, a new biopsy device for submucosal tumors. Per-Ola Park (Sweden) Punto de vista del clínico investigador. Irving Waxman (USA) 10:30-10:45 Special lecture The R&D frontline 2018: update from Project ENGINE. Kiyokazu Nakajima (Japan) 10:45-11:00 Official Opening PRESIDENTES José Ramón Armengol-Miró (Spain), Manuel Armengol Carrasco (Spain), Antonio J. Torres García (Spain), Alexey Paulov (Russia) and Joan Dot (Spain) 11:00-11:30 Conference New intraluminal platform for endoscopic interventions on the large bowe. Sergey Kantsevoy (USA) 11:30-11:45 Coffee break 11:45-12:30 Actuality Masterly Conference PRESIDENTS José Ramón Armengol-Miró (Spain), Manuel Armengol Carrasco (Spain), Antonio J. Torres García (Spain) and Joan Dot (Spain) Liu Bing-Rong (P.R. China), Alberto Montori (Italy), Sandra Castro (Spain), Maurizio Zilli (Italy), Alberto Ferreres (Argentina), Emilio de la Morena (Spain), Francisco Pellicer (Spain) and Enrique Castillo Begines (Spain) ADVANCES IN NOTES The practice of ERAT (Endoscopic Retrograde Appendicitis Therapy) in China. Liu Dan (P.R. China) Tunnel technique in Zenker s diverticulum treatment. Lada Shumkina (Russia) New NOTES-based on ESD and submucosal endoscopy. Mei-Dong Xu (P.R. China)

7 Session 2 12:30-13:15 Live Session Session with video transmission from the Research Institut and Clinical Department Working Group (Access and locking, tunneling techniques, myotomy, gastric reduction and others) Teams Salas: Zhang Xiaoguang (P.R. China), Jorge Olsina (Spain), Juan Dot (Spain), Sergey Kantsevoy (USA), Per-Ola Park (Sweden), Maria Bergström (Sweden), Monder Abu Suboh (Spain), Marta Rosal (Spain), Marielle Esteves (Spain), Carla Fonseca (Spain), Alejandro Rojo (Spain), Daniel Delgado Bellido (Spain), Liu Bing-Rong (P.R. China), Fan Zhining (P.R. China), Milutin Bulajic (Serbia), Giuseppe Galloro (Italy), Guillermo Domínguez (Argentina), Nereo Guillermo Salas (Mexico), Kiyokazu Nakajima (Japan), Dan Liu (P.R. China), Jordi Armengol Bertroli (Spain), Stavros Stavropoulos (USA), Eduardo Rodríguez Sánchez (Spain) and Zhao Lixia (P.R. China) and discussion guests: Irving Waxman (USA), José C. Salord Oses (Spain), Jean Escourrou (France), Song Ji-Tao (P.R. China), Roberto Fogel (USA/Venezuela), Jesús Ortiz (Paraguay), José Olmedo (Spain), Enrique Castillo Begines (Spain), Mohamed El-Khattabi (Morocco), Weimin Liang (P.R. China), Dezhi He (P.R. China), Maurizio Zilli (Italy) and Manuel de la Iglesia (Spain) 13:15-14:15 EXPERIMENTAL and CLINICAL NOTES PRESIDENTS Manuel Armengol Carrasco (Spain), Marco Frascio (Italy) and Liu Bing-Rong (P.R. China) Joaquin Balsells (Spain), Enrique Veloso (Spain), Senol Carilli (Turkey), Guillermo Cacho Acosta (Spain), Eduardo Piñeiro (Mexico) and Yury Starkov (Russia) Masterly Conference The 3 rd Space Endoscopy: "rom POEM and beyond". Seda Dzhantukhanova and Yury Starkov (Russia) Endoscopic therapy for foregut neuroendocrine tumors (NET). Amol Bapaye (India) Endoscopic diagnosis and treatment of superficial hypopharyngeal and cervical esophageal carcinoma. Mei-Dong Xu (P.R. China) Mentor-assisted colorectal ESD in Western settings. Shunsuke Yamamoto (Japan) Discussion guests. Gonzalo Galofré (Spain), Octavio Mulet Zayas (Spain), Manuel Trias i Folch (Spain), Alejandro Sáenz Coromina (Spain), Juan Rocamora Serra (Spain), Marco Frascio (Italy), Albis Hani (Colombia),Elena Zucchi (Italy), Guangxing Cui (P.R. China) and Guillermo Cacho Acosta (Spain) 14:15-14:30 Special lecture Antireflux mucosectomy (ARMS) for refractory GERD - increasing evidence of clinical success. Amol Bapaye (India) José Ramón Armengol-Miró (Spain), Manuel Armengol Carrasco (Spain), Antonio J. Torres (Spain), Sergey Kantsevoy (USA) and Sarbelio Rodríguez (Spain) 14:30-15:45 Lunch and video transmission from the Research Institut Transmission of cases from the rooms of the Institute de Recerca with interactive discussion with the auditorium of the H.U.V.H. between the Teams Salas and Panel Discussion. Teams Sala: Zhang Xiaoguang (P.R. China), Jorge Olsina (Spain), Sergey Kantsevoy (USA), Joan Dot (Spain), Dan Liu (P.R. China), M. Abu Suboh (Spain), Marta Rosal (Spain), Marielle Esteves (Spain), Carla Fonseca (Spain), Alejandro Rojo (Spain), Song Ji-Tao (P.R. China), Guillermo Domínguez (Argentina), Nereo Guillermo Salas (Mexico) and Zhao Lixia (P.R. China)

8 12 th INTERNATIONAL NOTES-WIDER-BARCELONA Discussion guests: Julius Spicak (Check Republik), Joaquim Balsells (Spain), Juan Rocamora (Spain), José Carlos Salord Osses (Spain), Enrique Castillo Begines (Spain), Sergey Kashin (Russia), Dezhi He (P.R. China), Fernando Rojas (Mexico), Eduardo Segal (Argentina), Jesús Ortiz (Paraguay) and Campo Elias Lindado (Venezuela) 15:45-17:15 Disputes between Endoscopic Surgery and Endoluminal Endoscopy Joaquín Balsells (Spain), Enrique Veloso (Spain), Senol Carilli (Turkey), Francisco Pellicer (Spain), Felipe Martínez Alcalá (Spain), Yury Starkov (Russia) and Julius Spicak (Check Republik) POEM 500 cases later. Techniques and outcomes. Stavros Stavropoulos (USA) Can we prevent or reduce Post ERCP pancreatitis? Miguel Muñoz Navas (Spain) Mistakes in ERCP treatment of biliary obstruction: how to stay out. Milutin Bulajic (Serbia) Prevention and treatment of refractory stricture after ESD or radiation therapy for esophageal cancer". Fan Zhining (P.R. China) Special Conferences Endoscopic resection for early gastric cancer with ICG sentinel lymph node navigation: first russian pylot study. Sergey Kashin (Russia) Transrectal Gallbladder-Preserving Cholecystolithotomy (TRGPC) and Transrectal Gallbladder Preserving Polypectomy (TRGPP) (the first series report). Liu Bing-Rong (P.R. China) Discussion guests: Gonzalo Galofré (Spain), M. Trias i Folch (Spain), Dezhi He (P.R. China), Juan Rocamora Serra (Spain), Marco Frascio (Italy), Louis De Giau (Mexico), Pedro Menchén (Spain) and Albis Hani (Colombia) 17:15-17:45 Coffee break 17:45-19:30 SIMPOSIO: Endoluminal endoscopy and EUS Joint venture PRESIDENTS Irving Waxman (USA), Sandra Castro (Spain), Maurizio Zilli (Italy) and Jie-Fang Guo (P.R. China) Francisco Pellicer (Spain), Joaquín Balcells (Spain), Louis De Giau (Mexico), Marta Vila Costa (Spain), Song Ji-Tao (P.R. China), Leonardo Sosa (Venezuela) and Julius Spicak (Check Republik) Contrast enhanced EUS for hepatic lesions. Dong-Wan Seo (S. Korea) ERCP and EUS interface. Rajesh Gupta (India) Endoscopic Fenestration for Treatment of Pancreatic Pseudocyst (the first series report). Liu Bing-Rong (P.R. China) Estado actual y futuro del EUS. Irving Waxman (USA) EUS-guided ablation of pancreatic tumors. Dong-Wan Seo (S. Korea) The role of RF A in pancreatic biliary diseases in Rajesh Gupta (India) EUS-guided gallbladder drainage:redefibes rhe boundaries). Xiang Liu (P.R. China) Discussion guests: Agustín Panadés Arán (Spain), Manuel Morales Gordo (Spain), Emilio De la Morena Madrigal (Spain), Sergey Kashin (Russia), Campo Elías Lindado (Venezuela), José Olmedo (Spain), Albis Hani (Colombia), Guangxing Cui (P.R. China), Milutin Bulajic (Serbia) and Mohamed El-Khattabi (Morocco)

9 Monday, November 26, 21:30 SPECIAL EVENT (by personal invitation only) Museo CosmoCaixa Symposium Dinner-Welcome Banquet WIDER 2018 Welcome to Barcelona Scientific Symposium PRESIDENTS: José Ramón Armengol-Miró (Spain) and Alberto Montori (Italy) : Dong Ki Lee (S. Corea) and Mariano Giménez (Argentina) New ideas for endoscopic operations Sergey Kantsevoy (USA) Live demonstration from Wider-Barcelona to Nanjing (SGI 2018 congress) J.R. Armengol-Miró (Spain)

10 12 th INTERNATIONAL NOTES-WIDER-BARCELONA SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM: Tuesday, November 27, 2018 Auditorium of the Teaching Pavilion HOSPITAL UNIVERSITARI VALL D HEBRON 08:30-10:45 Session 3 MESA DE NOTES CLÍNICO PRESIDENTS Manuel Armengol Carrasco (Spain), Marco Frascio (Italy), Antonio J. Torres (Spain), Alberto Montori (Italy) and Alberto Ferreres (Argentina) Masterly Conference Redefining the future of Surgery / Navigation Systems in Abdominal Surgery. Mariano Giménez (Argentina) New Technology for SDI. Zacharias Tsiamoulos (United Kingdom) Joaquín Balsells (Spain), Senol Carilli (Turkey), Sergey Kashin (Russia), Luis Carlos Sabbagh (Colombia) and Cen Rongying (P.R. China) Minimal invasive surgery: where we are and where we go. Alberto Ferreres (Argentina) Image-guided Surgery:innovating the surgeon's eye towards surgicalprecision. Michel Diana (France) Cirugía magnética 12 años de experiencia. Guillermo Domínguez (Argentina) Colorectal EMR and ESD for non Polypoid Lesions. What about surgery? Alberto Montori (Italy) Single incision laparoscopic sugery (Hernias, Safety of cholecystectomy, Adrenalectomy, Appendectmomy). Senol Carilli (Turkey) Endoscopic treatment of post-surgical complications in Upper GI track. Santi Mangiafico (Italy) Exeresis completa de Mesocolon. Estado actual. Eloy Espin (Spain) 10:45-11:15 Coffee break 11:15-12:15 Session 4 NOTES FROM LATIN LATINOAMÉRICA Eduardo Segal (Argentina) and Jesús Ortiz Villalba (Paraguay) New frontiers in endoscopic ultrasound (EUS). Luis Carlos Sabbagh (Colombia) Esophageal Endoscopical Miotomy. POEM beyond achalasia and gastroparesis. Albis Hani (Colombia) Novedades en el tratamiento endoscópico de la Obesidad. Roberto Foguel (USA) Coledocolitiasis en los Andes Peruanos. Pedro Larrea (Peru) 12:15-12:45 Special lectures Risk factors of bleeding after endoscopic resection of polyps in the colon. Sarbelio Rodriguez (Spain) Risk-management in endoscopy (risks to patients, personnel, technique). Marina Ivantcova (Russia) 12:45-14:45 Session 5 PRESIDENTS Liu Bing-Rong (P.R. China), Luis Carlos Sabbagh (Colombia), Julius Spicak (Check Republik) and Alberto Montori (Italy) Joan M.ª Pou Fernández (Spain), Germán Alonso (Spain), Sarbelio Rodríguez (Spain), Eduardo Piñeiro (Mexico), Jaume Boix (Spain), Pedro Menchén (Spain) and Sergey Kashin (Russia)

11 ENDOLUMINAL THERAPEUTIC ENDOSCOPY Clinical outcomes of Per-oral endoscopic myotomy (POEM) in the paediatric population with achalasia cardia. Amol Bapaye (India) Long terrm effect of POEM. Zuzana Rabekova (Check Republik) Discussion topics: Sandra Castro (Spain) Notes de pancreas con eus y endoscopia pura! Leonardo Sosa Valencia (Venezuela) How I do it: cannulation of CBD after Billroth II operation. Denis Gusev (Russia) Colangioscopia en la Patologia biliar y pancreatica. Fernando Rojas (Mexico) Endoscopic treatment of gastroparesis. Rastilav Hustak (Check Republic) Endoscopic trans-gastric cholecystolithotomy for gallbladder stone. Ping-Hong Zhou (R.P. China) Ideal endoscopic management for difficult benign and malignant hilar obstructions. Dongki Lee (S. Korea) 14:45-16:00 Lunch and video transmission from the Research Institut Transmission of cases from the rooms of the Institute de Recerca with interactive discussion with the auditorium of the H.U.V.H. between the Teams Salas and Panel Discussion. Teams Salas: Zhang Xiaoguang (P.R. China), Eduardo Piñeiro (Mexico), Jorge Olsina (Spain), Joan Dot (Spain), Sergey Kantsevoy (USA), Per-Ola Park (Sweden), Nereo Guillermo Salas (Mexico), Zhao Lixia (P.R. China), Monder Abu Suboh (Spain), Marta Rosal (Spain), Marielle Esteves (Spain), Carla Fonseca (Spain), Alejandro Rojo (Spain), Maurizio Zilli (Italy), Milutin Bulajic (Serbia), Guillermo Domínguez (Argentina), Liu Bing-Rong (P.R. China), Jordi Armengol (Spain), Stavros Stavropoulos (USA), Dezhi He (P.R. China) and Dan Liu (P.R. China) Discussion guests: Jaume Boix (Spain), Joaquín Balsells (Spain), Juan Rocamora (Spain), Octavio Mulet (Spain), Campo Elias Lindado (Venezuela), José Olmedo (Spain), Enrique Castillo (Spain), Albis Hani (Colombia), Manuel de la Iglesia (Spain), Guillermo Cacho Acosta (Spain), Jesús Espinel (Spain), Felipe Martínez Alcalá (Spain) and Eduardo Rodríguez (Spain) 16:00-16:45 Session 6 Special lectures What s new for submucosal tunnel endoscopy? Ping-Hong Zhou (R.P.China) Emerging Western colorectal ESD technologies. Stavros Stavropoulos (USA) Scissor-type endoscopic knife for pedunculated polyp. Shunsuke Yamamoto (Sweeden) 16:45-17:15 Coffee break 17:15-17:45 Session 7 Joan M.ª Pou Fernández (Spain), Sarbelio Rodríguez (Spain), Germán Alonso Maillo (Spain), Eduardo Piñeiro (Mexico) and Jaume Boix Valverde (Spain) Minimal invasive treatment of severe necrotising pancreatitis reduces mortality. Maria Bergström (Sweden) Stent treatment or surgical closure for perforated duodenal ulcers - a prospective randomized study. Jorge A. Arroyo Vazquez (Sweden)

12 12 th INTERNATIONAL NOTES-WIDER-BARCELONA 17:45-19:15 OBESITY Antonio J. Torres (Spain), José Manuel Fort (Spain), Roberto Fogel (USA- Venezuela), Jaume Boix Valverde (Spain) and José Antonio Baena (Spain) Masterly Conference El concepto de Cirugía Metabólica: opinión de un Cirujano. Antonio J. Torres (Spain) Endoscopic Gastric Mucosal Resection (EGMR)- for weight loss (the first series report). Liu Bing-Rong (P.R. China) Manejo endoscópico de complicaciones en Cirugía Bariátrica. Alberto Baptista (Venezuela) Tratamiento endoscopico de la obesidad. Santiago Horgan (USA) Update Metabolic Surgery. Ramon Vilallonga (Spain) Bariatric and Metabolic Endoscopy: current status and recent trends. Seda Dzhantukhanova and Yury Starkov (Russia) Perspectives Obesity Surgery. José María Balibrea (Spain) 19:15 Closure

13 World Institute for Digestive Endoscopy Research-Barcelona NOTES Team José Ramón Armengol-Miró Jorge Olsina Joaquín Balsells Ramon Vilallonga Manel Armengol Carrasco Joan Dot Bach Monder Abu Suboh Abadia Miquel Masachs Jordi Armengol Bertrolí Ana Benages M. Dolores Castillo Cejas Jorge Guevara Cubas Denise Sihuay di Burga Jaume Boix Manuel Morales Daniel Delgado Bellido Vicente Zanón Jordi Pradell Ramón Boque Sandra Castro José Antonio Baena José Manuel Fort Oscar González Eloy Espin Martí Francesc Vallribera Jose Luis Sanchez Jose Luis Lázaro International Sergey Kantsevoy Per-Ola Park Irving Waxman Naohisa Yahagi Kiyokazu Nakajima Luis Carlos Sabbagh Nageshwar Reddy Abraham Mathew Louis de Giau Guillermo Domínguez Lenardo Sosa Sha, Weihong Manoel Galvão Neto Department of Surgery Hospital Universitari Vall d'hebron Urology Service Juan Morote Robles Institut de Recerca Hospital Universitari Vall d'hebron Marta Rosal Marielle Esteves Carla Fonseca Alejandro Rojo

14 12 th INTERNATIONAL NOTES-WIDER-BARCELONA VENUE: Auditorium of the Teaching Pavilion HOSPITAL UNIVERSITARI VALL D HEBRON Passeig de la Vall d Hebron , Barcelona Two operating rooms of experimental surgery, located in the ground floor of the Institut of Refence of the Vall d Hebron University Hospital. Endoscopy rooms SECRETARY S OFFICE: Ediciones MAYO S.A. REGISTRATION: FREE ACCESS TO FILL SEATS BY ORDER OF REGISTRATION ALSO FOR RESIDENT DOCTORS


16 12 th INTERNATIONAL NOTES-WIDER-BARCELONA NATURAL ORIFICE TRANSLUMINAL ENDOSCOPIC SURGERY WIDER-Barcelona Institute for Digestive Endoscopy Research in Barcelona Institut de Recerca Hospital Universitari Vall d Hebron Hospital Universitario Vall d Hebron Paseo de la Vall d Hebron, Barcelona Tel

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